Our magnetic lighting transformers supply low-voltage power to 12V or 24V LED strips for your home or business. A wall switch or dimmer could be used to control the dimming level of LED lighting.

To get started, you will need a magnetic lighting transformer, compatible wall switch or dimmer, wire nuts, and cable stripper, and LED lighting strips. Now, we are going to walk you through the steps to connect a transformer to LED strips.

Step one: Make sure the power is turned off before installation, or there is a risk of shock! Get all the necessary items and tools in place.

Step two: Remove the cover of a lighting transformer and remove the knockouts on both sides for better access to wiring. Run the primary and secondary wires through the knockouts.

Step three: Run wires from a wall switch or dimmer through the wall box or to the transformer

Step four: Connect the wires from the switch or dimmer to the primary of the transformer with strippers and wire nuts: black (+) to 120V, green to ground, and white (-) to Neutral

Step five: Connect the secondary of the transformer to low voltage LED strips using strippers and wire nuts: red (-) to negative and blue (+) to positive.

Step six: Mount the transformer vertically and the LED lighting product in a well-ventilated area, free from explosive gases and vapors. Turn on the main power and test switch. Now you are done!

Note: This driver is to be installed in accordance with Article 450 of the National Electric Code by a qualified electrician.

wire a transformer to LED lighting

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