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Low Frequency EI Transformers

We manufacture low-frequency EI Transformers of all sizes and designs, ranging from EI 28 to EI 228 and wattage from 0.3VA to 5000VA. All the products use high-quality silicon steel sheet that features low consumption, high output power, high efficiency, low-temperature rise, low noise, and stable performance.

All the EI transformers will go through strict testing to reduce rejection rate before submitting to our clients. Applications of our EI laminated transformers can be found in electronic and electrical equipment such as access control systems, lighting, automatic doors, garage doors, industrial equipment, household appliances, medical devices, inverters, power supplies, UPS, audio equipment, instrument, security system, etc.

  • Input: 100V to 600V
  • Output: 5V to 240V
  • Power Ratings: 0.3VA to 5000VA
  • Frequency: Low Frequency 50/60Hz
  • Phase: Single Phase
  • Insulation Class: Class B
  • Core Type: EI 28 to EI 228
  • Mounting: Bracket, Chassis
  • Winding: Two-winding
  • Cooling mthod: dry type
  • Wiring: lead wire and quick-connect terminal
  • Certification: ETL (UL5808 & CSA C22.2#66.1), CE(EN61558-2-4)
Core Type Output Wattage Core Type Output Wattage
EI-28*11.5 0.3VA-1.8VA EI-76*56.0 90VA-150VA
EI-35*11.5 0.8VA-2.1VA EI-76*66.0 120VA-190VA
EI-35*13.5 1.0VA-2.7VA EI-86*43.0 70VA-120VA
EI-35*15.5 1.5VA-3.5VA EI-86*45.0 110VA-150VA
EI-35*17.5 2.5VA-4.5VA EI-86*55.0 130VA-200VA
EI-41*16.5 2.0VA-4.5VA EI-96*32.0 55VA-80VA
EI*41*20.5 3.0VA-6.0VA EI-96*40.0 100VA-150VA
EI-41*24.5 5.0VA-8.5VA EI-96*45.0 130VA-180VA
EI-41-26.5 6.0VA-10.0VA EI-96*50.0 160VA-220VA
EI-48*20.5 6.0VA-10.0VA EI-96*56.0 200VA-250VA
EI-48*25.5 10.0VA-15.0VA EI-105*38.0 90VA-130VA
EI-48*30.0 14.0VA-20.0VA EI-105*56.0 130VA-280VA
EI-48*35.5 16.0VA-25.0VA EI-114*50.0 200VA-260VA
EI-54*34.0 12.0VA-17.0VA EI-114*60.0 250VA-360VA
EI-54*28.0 18.0VA-25.0VA EI-114*70.0 350VA-500VA
EI-54*30.0 20.0VA-27.0VA EI-133*50.0 250VA-360VA
EI-57*19.0 8.0VA-12.0VA EI-133*60.0 300VA-600VA
EI-57*24.5 12.0VA-20.0VA EI-133*70.0 500VA-800VA
EI-57*30.0 25.0VA-30.0VA EI-152*50.0 400VA-600VA
EI-57*35.0 30.0VA-38.0VA EI-152*60.0 500VA-800VA
EI-57*40.0 33.0VA-43.0VA EI-152*70.0 700VA-1000VA
EI-60*25.0 16.0VA-22.0VA EI-162*50.0 500VA-700VA
EI-60*30.0 22.0VA-33.0VA EI-162*60.0 700VA-900VA
EI-66*28.0 22.0VA-33.0VA EI-162*70.0 800VA-1200VA
EI-66*32.0 30.0VA-40.0VA EI-162*85.0 1000VA-1800VA
EI-66*36.0 40.0VA-55.0VA EI-162*90.0 1600VA-2000VA
EI-66*40.0 55.0VA-65.0VA EI-228 5000VA
EI-66*45.0 65.VA-80.0VA
EI-76*35.0 35.0VA-65.0VA
EI-76*40.0 55.0VA-80.0VA
EI-76*42.5 70.0VA-100.0VA
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