Magnetic Lighting Drivers & Transformers

Magnetic dimmable LED drivers supply low voltage 12V/24V power to dimmable LED lights and lighting fixtures in residential and commercial applications. They are compatible with a complete list of dimmers: PWM dimmers, on/off switches, MLV dimmers, 0-10 dimmers, and RGB controllers. All dimmers have been tested with our LED drivers in the laboratory.

    Industrial Control Transformers

    We offer a complete line of control transformers for machine tools, electromagnetic devices, and industrial applications, which include multi-tap, step-up, step-down, open core, and encapsulation. Our control transformers are constructed with high-quality silicon steel lamination to minimize core losses and increase efficiency. Ranging from 50VA to 5000VA, our control transformers offer international primary and secondary voltages.

    Low Voltage Landscape Transformers

    Landscape Transformers supply low-voltage 12/13/14/15V power to low-voltage landscape lighting, outdoor lighting, garden lighting, swimming pool, and spa lights in residential and commercial applications.

    Waterproof Transformers

    Encapsulated with epoxy resin, IP67/IP68 waterproof grade, for Swimming Pool Lights, SPA Luminaires, Garden Lights, Wall Washer Lights, Underground Lighting, Water Pumps, and some LED Lamps and fixtures where contact with water is possible.

    Dongguan Yili Electronics Co.,LTD


    We focuses on manufacturing landscape lighting transformers, magnetic led drivers, waterproof transformers and a wide range of power transformers for landscape, commercial, industrial medical and residential applications, based on functionality, quality, aesthetics and budget.

    Based in Dongguan China with a plant area of 3000sqm, our in-house design and engineering team continues to push the boundary of innovation across the full spectrum of power transformers. Our advanced manufacturing, customer support capabilities and superior R&D enables us to create and tailor power supply and transformer solutions to address the needs of an ever-evolving commercial market.

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    • 5-Year Warranty
    • Magnetic Core, stable and long-lasting
    • Strick Quality Control
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